Benefits of Cloud-based Practice Management Solutions

Join Software Analysis Corporation and Clio for a conversation on how to get the most out of your practice management solution. This is not just a Clio demo. On this call, we will discuss the benefits you should be getting from your cloud-based practice management.

  1. User Experience
  2. Workflow Automation
  3. Billing and Cash Flow
  4. Customer Experience

Resource Levelling and Critical Path Scaring You From Using A Project Management Tool

In this webinar, we talk about getting past all the jargon and down to basics for managing projects rather than having them manage your life. Join Gerri Martin, an award-winning Project Manager, as she discusses how you can use some techniques and tools (BQE Core) to do the heavy lifting on your projects without having to become a project management professional.

Content Management — You Already Have It, But Are You Doing It Right

The discussion will focus on the processes and players involved in setting up and managing a successful CMS. You’ll learn all about modern tools and tactics for ensuring success.

Year End Needs a Fresh Start

Watch Gerri Martin's presentation to the ALA on year end procedures you should keep in mind for your business.

Download the Excel Spreadsheet

NetDocuments: More than Just Document Storage

During this 1 hour webinar we will discuss features and functionality of NetDocuments. Additionally, we will walk you through brief demos to show you how it integrates with Microsoft Office 365. You will be able to see the power of NetDocuments, Live!