Maximize Your Software

At Software Analysis, our services help you maximize the use of your software, whether you are thinking of purchasing something new, or just want to augment the functionality of your existing package. To this end, we have services to guide you through the complete experience:

  • Consulting on new software package purchases
  • Installation of software
  • Training and education (onsite and/or webinars)
  • Initiating new functionality with existing software
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Upgrading software packages

We specialize in serving law firms and small businesses, with four kinds of software functionality.

Practice Management Software

Law firms are required to have practice management software to reduce their malpractice premiums, but many only use it as a place to put their contacts and calendar. Case Management software can do so much more!

Document Management Software

Efficiency can make or break your bottom line. Reports have shown that the typical office employee spends as much as 1.5 hours every day looking for things. Implementing an effective document management system can drastically reduce that number. We can also provide related solutions for additional efficiency and productivity.

Billing Software

Did you know your billing software does more than print bills? Used correctly, your software can help provide invaluable analysis about your staff’s productivity.

Accounting Software

Your accounting software is more than a check register. We can assist in setting up a streamlined process between your accountant and your in-house staff that will eliminate double entries and slash billing fees. It will also provide your accountant with the opportunity to concentrate on analyzing your profit-loss analysis instead of facilitating data management..

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