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How well is your software working for you? After 30 years of working in the industry, we’ve seen too many companies dump their software, and make a costly investment in a new program, never realizing that they had the functionality they needed all along.

At Software Analysis, our mission is to help your business maximize the use of your new and existing software to increase productivity and reduce administrative costs. We offer certified installation and consulting services for the most popular server-based and cloud-based billing, accounting and practice management software packages for law firms and small businesses.

Trust us for guidance and advice to make the right decisions on your software before, during and after your software package purchase. With our attentive service and award-winning expertise, we have built a solid reputation for helping businesses thrive in Chicago, Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and Indiana. Through our affilitation with Crosspointe Consulting Group, we have expanded our reach nationwide.

Do you suspect your software could be doing more for your business? We can help.

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We specialize in serving law firms and small businesses, with four kinds of software functionality.

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Practice Management Software

Case Management software can do so much more than hold your contacts and calendar.

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Document Management Software

Efficiency can make or break your bottom line.

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Billing Software

Did you know your billing software does more than print bills?

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Accounting Software

Your accounting software is more than a check register.

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