Software Analysis Corporation is here to help you with your existing software, as well as provide implementation, training, and support to ensure you are getting everything you need from your software investment.



Efficiency can make or break your bottom line. Reports have shown that the typical office employee spends as much as 1.5 hours every day looking for information. Implementing an effective content management system can drastically reduce that number. We can also provide related solutions for additional efficiency and productivity.

Call us to implement or optimize your use of:

  • NetDocuments
  • mot-r Workflow
  • mot-r Creator
  • CompareDocs
  • pdfDocs
  • cleanDocs
  • Metajure



Your accounting software is more than a check register. We can assist in setting up a streamlined process between your accountant and your in-house staff that will eliminate double entries and slash billing fees. It will also provide your accountant with the opportunity to concentrate on analyzing your profit-loss analysis instead of facilitating data management.

We are certified to offer support for:

  • QuickBooks (on-premise and cloud-based)
  • PCLaw (on-premise)
  • CosmoLex (cloud-based)
  • Soluno (on-premise and cloud-based)
  • Zola Suite (cloud-based)


Is your practice management software merely a name and address book?  It is more than a place for your calendar and client names.  Your case management software should be acting as the single source of information for anything related to your client and their matters.  Its reporting capabilities can keep you in compliance which can get you a discount on your Professional Liability Insurance.

Call us to install or optimize your use of:

  • PCLaw (on-premise)
  • Time Matters (on-premise)
  • Clio (cloud-based)
  • Zola Suite (cloud-based)
  • Cosmolex (cloud-based)


Your billing software should do more than just print bills.  It should be used to track your retainers and automate their application to your invoices. This helps get your money sooner.  Use your billing program to show you not just the hours billed but money collected from work performed.  Know your value, your firm’s value, and your staff’s value through the examination of reports.
Call us to install or optimize your use of:

  • Sage Timeslips (on-premise)
  • Billing Matters (on-premise)
  • Clio (cloud-based)
  • CosmoLex (cloud-based)
  • Soluno (on-premise and cloud-based)
  • Zola Suite (cloud-based)
  • TimeSolv (cloud-based)
  • Bill4Time (cloud-based)
  • NetDocuments
  • Timeslips
  • PCLaw Time Matters
  • Clio Practice Management
  • QuickBooks
  • CosmoLex
  • Soluno
  • Smokeball
  • TimeSolv
  • Zola Suite
  • Mercanix mot-r
  • DocsCorp
  • MyCase